The Viral Factor

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Jay Chou as Jon Man
Nicholas Tse as Man Yeung
Lin Peng as Rachel Kan
Bai Bing as Ice
Andy On as Sean Wong
Carl Ng as Ross
Liu Kai-chi as Man Tin , Jon and Man Yeung's father
Elaine Jin as Fung Ling , Jon and Man Yeung's mother
Sammy Hung
Deep Ng (cameo)

The Viral Factor (War Against) the direction of Dante Lam which cost around RMB 200 million (USD 300 billion) starring Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou, Andy On, Lin Peng, and Bai Bing. This movie was filmed in Jordan and Malaysia. In the film Jay again proved his acting skills. This action-packed movies featuring the realistic atmosphere of war in Jordan. Together with Nicholas and others, Jay shared experiences during the filming in a country full of mystery and it's stunning nature.

Jay Chou really let go of identi-bag as a genius musician and mobilize all the ability in this action movie. He personally did all the scenes matches his own. Hand and the waist up because of injuries bruises. Jay was all done by the award-winning best actor . opportunity, as a musician, Jay often sing while playing piano. Because his fingers were very high value for him. But, without doubt he made himself all the dangerous scenes. Despite her bleeding, and hung with wire for a long time can harm the waist and affect his singing, he did not care. Hard effort that won praise from director Dante Lam. "Before filming began, I was afraid Jay Chou would not be capable of overcoming the scene matches. But, after working together, I feel he's a simple and straightforward, at least he's willing to try and do it.  recent years, star was no 32-year career focusing more on acting than singing.

Although resentful he has penetrated Hollywood (through the film The Green Hornet), Jay still has interest in the films of Hong Kong. A month ago he learned that "printer for Best Actor in" Dante Lam will start filming The Viral Factor. Jay came to Hong Kong 3 to 4 times to discuss the details with the director Beast Stalker and The Stool Pigeon's. Although delayed filming until recently, Jay did not complain at all. He even changed his schedule several times in order to adjust the schedule of this film. All it shows sincerity and Viral Factor profesionalism.The expected to be released next year as Lunar. Will Jay be the next star after Nick Dante Lam Cheung who won the Best Actor award? It is too early to talk about it, but Dante said want to work together again with the star of this Kung Fu Dunk.


On a mission to protect a scientist who has stolen a copy of the smallpox virus, Sean (Andy On) betrays his team of police officers in order to get the virus so he can mutate it into a biological weapon, develop a vaccine and sell it to a corrupt pharmaceutical company. The failed mission leaves Jon Man (Jay Chou) injured and his girlfriend Ice (Bai Bing) dead. With two weeks to live, he decides to spend his remaining days with his mother (Elaine Jin) who tells him that he has a long lost brother, Man Yeung (Nicholas Tse) whom she left behind with his father, Man Tin (Liu Kai Chi). Jon decides to track Yeung down in Malaysia but upon arrival, he discovers that Yeung has become a wanted felon and is part of the plot orchestrated by Sean. Jon is drawn into the conflict, not only to protect his family but to ensure his brother does not go further down the road of unrighteousness and to take down Sean's operation for good.


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The world has entered the 20th century. Even so, conditions in China are still no progress. People still live under the yoke of the Qing Dynasty. After so long, people finally could no longer be patient. It may be that this would be the beginning of the revolution that changed the system of government in China.

Awareness of the Chinese people originated from the rise of the movement that was pioneered by Dr.. Sun Yat-sen (Winston Chao). Slowly follower of Dr. Sun Yat-sen more and more and more threatened position of the Qing Dynasty. At the moment the situation is getting hard to control, the Qing Dynasty began to try to bring modern weaponry purchased by selling the valuables heritage.

At that time, appeared Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) who had just returned from Japan to learn the art of modern warfare. Seeing the country is fragmented, there is no option for Huang Xing besides one faction siding. Huang Xing choose sided with the revolutionaries. Armed with the education that he can be in Japan, Huang Xing would be so successful in bringing China into the direction of modernization.

Blades Of Blood

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When Korea was in turmoil. Japan will soon invade this country and it seems like ginseng the king had no power to resist. At the crucial moment such as this required a high figure with dignity and have the ability to evoke the spirit of the people.

Is a Lee Mong-hwak (Cha Seung-Won) who believe can save Korea from Japanese invasion. For that he must kill the king and claiming Korea as a country under his leadership. Lee Mong-hwak could not do it alone. He needs help and who else can help Lee Mong-hwak if not Hwang Jeong-rights (Hwang Jung-Min), a friend of both Lee Mong-hwak.

Although Hwang Jeong-right looks like a beggar but he was really powerful swordsman. Hwang Jeong-rights can not be seen but that does not mean he could be underestimated. Initially the two were friends but the death of a close friend of Hwang Jeong-right in the hands of Lee Mong-hwak make two people who originally were in the same camp is so hostile.

Genre : Martial Arts
Release Date : April 28, 2010
Director : Lee Joon-ik
Screenplay : Jo Cheol-hyeon, Oh Seung-hyeon, Choi Seok-hwan
Producer : Jo Cheol-hyeon, Lee Jeong-se
Distributor : SK Telecom
Runtime : 107 minutes
Budget : -
Official Site :